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Happy Marriage Anniversary Images


Today, we are here to provide you marriage anniversary images. I would like to ask you a question first. What is an anniversary? Do you know what is meant by the word “anniversary”? An anniversary is a particular date on which an event took place. Basically, marriage anniversary is the date on which the wedding took place. So to make the day more special wish your friend with the images provided by us in this article.


Wedding anniversary images
Marriage anniversary images

Different Type Of Marriages


Arrange Marriage- In this type of marriage the bride and groom are selected by the individuals other than the couple. Mostly guardians select the life partner for their kid. Sometimes proficient relational arranger is utilized to discover a companion for a youngster. In ancient times, arrange marriage was prominent in numerous societies. The practice remains common in many regions but mostly in South Asia.


Love Marriage- This sort of marriage is driven exclusively by the couples itself. There is no clear definition of love marriage. It is used to depict the marriage in which the people love one another and get hitched with or without their parent’s assent. Nowadays when an individual founds his/her soul mate, he/she seeks the parent’s permission to get married. Most of the parents get agreed and there it comes a “Love come arranged marriage.”


Court Marriage- Court marriage alludes to getting hitched in court which makes that marriage lawful. In India, the people having a place with various positions or religion lean toward court marriage since they realize that their folks could never permit them to get hitched to the individual of other standing or religion. So they simply get their marriage register in the court without their parent’s assent. Court marriage ensures the privilege of couple.


So these were some types of marriages. Which type of marriage would you prefer? Share your views in the comments below.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Images

Best of marriage anniversary images
Happy Marriage anniversary images

Happy wedding anniversary images free download

Marriage Anniversary:

Now let’s focus on our main topic that is the wedding anniversary. It is one of the most exceptional and significant days in one’s life. It is the day to commend the most flawless power of profound devotion among a couple. One major thing that people do is to send good will messages to the celebrants. They send them text messages, images and even call them and wish them a very happy marriage anniversary. In Hinduism, the couple on their marriage commemoration looks for the endowments of seniors by touching their feet. Touching feet is the method of indicating regard. The seniors give their blessings to their kids by putting their hand on the tops of the couple.

Anniversary parties are being arranged nowadays by the couples. Games are played in the party. Couple celebrates the anniversary by cutting the anniversary cake.

Happy anniversary images
Anniversary Images


Summing Up


So, marriage anniversary is one of the most important events in one’s life. Make this day of your friend, family member etc. more memorable by your warm wishes. What are you waiting for then? Just pick the images provided by us and send them to make their day more special.

Happy wedding anniversary images
Wedding Anniversary Images free download   



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